Why Choose Us:

*  Our franchisees are fully trained in our product, are friendly and interested in helping you design your casting as we all love what we do.

*  We only use top quality framing materials to ensure our castings are the best they can be.

*  The compound we use for your castings is of extreme quality to ensure every detail in the hands and feet shows in the casting.

*  All of our mats are acid free and professionally cut on a computerized mat cutter to ensure they are 100% perfect.

*  All of our frames are custom made for you to suit your design, layout and size of castings. We don’t use pre-made, cheap quality frames. We have an extensive range of frame options, mat and box colours, and plaque options to choose from.

*  We try our best to ensure that all our frames and mat board colours remain in our range so that when repeat customers return they can be rest assured they will be able to match to their existing frame. We are continually adding to our range to ensure we keep up with modern style and colour trends.

*  The Momentoes logo and contact details are located on the back of your frame not on the front where everyone can see it. Your casting is special to you and we don’t want to use it for advertising.

*  We use D-rings to attach the hanging string to the back of our castings, this ensures it will hang safely on the wall.  We do not cheapen the product by attaching the string with staples or using saw tooth instead of string.

*  The back of our frames are taped with professional framers tape not cheap substitutes.  This not only strengthens the box the castings are glued to, but also ensures that no dust or bugs get inside the frame.


The Casting Process

Once you have made the decision to have a casting done the process is very simple. Consultations are performed on an appointment basis only and are completed in the comfort of the consultation room of the franchisee closest to you. (Call outs and hospital visits are available in certain areas, a call out fee may apply).

Taking the mould takes around 40 seconds for each individual hand or foot. The products that we use are 100% natural and hypoallergenic. The remainder of the time in the consultation is taken deciding on how you want the finished product to look.

The completed product is ready for collection in about 6 weeks. If you require the product sooner then please discuss this at the time of consultation.